We would like to inform you about the hydrosun®-irradiator

Healing Derived from Nature

The water in the atmosphere filters out the sun's harmful radiation enabling a diversity of growth. Where a humid atmosphere does not filter the sun's infrared radiation, extreme dehydration occurs. This is evident in the earth's desert regions with their extremely hostile conditions.
If the atmosphere did not filter the sun's radiation, the water molecules in the human skin would absorb the radiation energy resulting in stinging and burning. Intense over heating and rapid tissue dehydration would result.
The diverse hydrosun devices reproduces the combination of the sun and the humid atmosphere. It produces deep-penetrating, water-filtered infrared-A (wIRA) light with wavelengths from 780 to 1400 nanometers (nm).
The unique principle of hydrosun® is a hermetically sealed water filter that absorbs infrared-B and –C light with wavelength of 1380 nm and above. The filter also absorbs two distinct wavelengths of 944 and 1180 nm that would otherwise be absorbed by the most superficial skin layers leading to painful sensations and dehydration.
The water-filtered infrared A radiation of hydrosun® allows a much deeper penetration compared to conventional infrared therapy yet it is gentle to the skin. This allows for the application of wIRA at higher intensities resulting in increased efficacy.
The hydrosun® single devices are mobile, easily operated and almost maintenance-free medical devices that clearly supersede conventional infrared lamps regarding performance and scopes of application or rather indication.
Water-filtered infrared-A therapy may be employed in many areas of medicine.
Hyperthermia improves blood circulation in deeper tissue layers, increases metabolism and helps flushing out metabolites.

The hydrosun® is used in wound healing, skin diseases, oncological hyperthermia, pain therapy, poor peripheral circulation, and in the treatment of chronic inflammation and musculoskeletal pain.

Unique features of the hydrosun®
No overheating of superficial skin layers
• No dehydration of the skin
• Deep penetration and improved circulation in deeper tissues